Services we Provide

Innovative Electrosoft is pure hard core electrical engineering company working in various fields of industries as a Motor Starting Solutions Provider. The main core products include FCMA LV/MV/HV Soft Starters & Frequency controlled Automatic Slip Regulator Starter & Rotor Starters, Load Banks, APFC panels, Star Delta Starters. We understand industry needs and provide customized solution. Every item produced is unique one and is intended to use for the specific application designed for.

Our Specialised Services are

  1. Refurbishment of old similar techno crafted jobs
  2. Repairing and replacement at site – including site existing starter installation scrutiny
  3. Technical audit and consultancy for existing soft starter systems maintenance.
  4. Adequate Power source (Transformers) rating selection & calculations for the same, voltage drop on grid calculations.
  5. Site erections, cable ducting, associated civil work etc.
  6. Excitation panel builders for Synchronous motors
  7. Interlocking logic developer – controller design for lubrication systems of fire fighting systems
  8. Troubleshooting, fault finding and analysis for old oil cooled slip ring motor rotor starters
  9. Spares and accessories supply
  10. Troubleshooting, fault finding and analysis for old Load Banks.
  11. Annual maintenance Contract for FCMA Soft Starters installations