Innovative Electrosoft

Innovative Electrosoft (INDIA) Pvt. Ltd. is a company formed by the expert professionals having vast experience in the field of Design, Development, Manufacturing, onsite performance testing of Flux Controlled Magnetic Amplifier Type Soft Starters for Asynchronous & Synchronous Motors. Frequency Controlled Slip Regulator, Frequency Controlled Rotor Starters for Slip Ring Induction Motors & Load Banks for Power trial (Inductive, Resistive, Inductive +Resistive) of Generators, These professionals have gathered together to offer integrated solutions under one roof for typical industrial requirements of Motor Starting Problems.

These professionals have a solid experience in FCMA technology. The advanced versions & featured modules are developed during last few years. The advanced versions and customised designs are the major advantages of FCMA Soft Starters; with these models we can achieve lowest starting current with optimum torque on Drive Load Side. The well-equipped test lab guarantees product quality at every stage, the unique High Power test lab developed and owned at company shop floor is added advantage to test each and every Soft Starter Panel to its rated High Power at Shop Level. The 24 hour customer support assures committed onsite service support to the troubleshooting at sites.

We offer Motor Starting Solutions for industrial applications, our Product Range is wide for Sq. cage Induction motors we provide LT / HT FCMA (Flux Controlled Magnetic Amplifier) Gapped Iron Core Reactor type Soft Starters. For Slip Ring Induction Motors generally used in sugar & cement industries ELECTROSOFT make Frequency Controlled Automatic Slip Regulator starters are very popular and other products includes Star Delta Starters, APFC panels, LOAD Banks, Synchronous Panels, integrated solar system solutions.

Apart from its strong technical background ELECTROSOFT is enlisted in SUMMIT GROUP of companies which is a renowned group in the field of Design, engineering, Execution, Site Erection, commissioning of turnkey mechanical projects. The Group Company is specialized in handling complex and precision fabrication activities, Group holds ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007 and SA 8000:2001 certifications.


Our slogan is “Revolution through smart Solutions”. We believe that the solutions for the technical problems in various industries should be environmentally non-hazardous and smart in terms of operational & safety parameters. Timely Deliveries and efficient services is our business ethic.


Being the pioneers in the technology development process, we strive to grab the leadership position.

Quality Policy

We are committed to deliver continuously enhanced value to our customers through our products and services tendered.


  1. To be a customer focussed company providing state-of-the-art products & solutions at competitive prices.
  2. Meeting the demands of quality, delivery & service.
  3. To generate internal resources for profitable growth through in-house R&D
  4. Striving for export orders.
  5. To provide facilitating environment for people to realise their full potential.
  6. To give value to work and value to customers by serving and delivering them in time, of exact quality & of right specification.
  7. To evaluate company's performance in comparison with best-in-class international organizations.
  8. To raise marketing abilities to global standards.


  1. Client first.
  2. Transparent work culture, team work and result oriented efforts.
  3. Respect the opinions of each individual.
  4. Encouraging new concepts & innovation.
  5. Proud of being a part of the Group.