Working Principle

FCMA Frequency controlled Automatic Slip Regulator are based on frequency dependent resistance design which provide a constant low starting current with automatically reducing resistance in congruence with motor speed to provide constant torque characteristics & accelerate the motor Frequency Slip Regulator / Frequency Rotor Controller accelerates driven equipment from stand still to full speed smoothly without any jerks. The FCMA Rotor Starter & Slip Regulator is connected to the Rotor Terminals of the motor, so that the starting current is limited to a low value with a required starting torque. As the motor speed increases the resistance of FCMA reduces Steeplesly to keep the current & torque constant so that the load is accelerated.

Salient Features

  • FCMA technology provides slip dependent automatic resistance variation.
  • Provides constant current constant torque acceleration
  • Starting torque and starting current adjustable from 100% - 250% depending upon load and motor characteristics. Built in RUN mode bypass contactor
  • Virtually no maintenance. No moving parts

Frequency Controlled Slip Regulator

Only FSR Starter / FSR Starter + Stator Panel

Range: Up to 6000 KW


  • FCMA Frequency Controlled Slip Regulators (FSR) has been operating satisfactorily for wide variety of applications such as - Sugar Sector Applications: Cane Fibrizor, Cane Leveller, Cane Chopper, Cane Cutter, Cane Shredder.
  • FCMA Rotor Controllers (FRC) has been operating satisfactorily for wide variety of applications such as; Pumps - Vertical turbine, HSC Pump, Submersible Pump, Oil hydraulic.
  • Compressors - Centrifugal, Reciprocating, Process Compressor, Refrigeration, Screw, Air-conditioning. Heavy equipment - Ball Mill, Crusher, Fans, Rubber mill, Conveyors, Stackers.
  • Others - Machine tools, Extruders, Motor Generator sets etc.
  • FCMA Rotor Controller as Speed Regulator: Can be used for motor in case of specialized test at Hydraulic Test Beds, Compressor Test Beds to run the motor at speed reduced than rated speed.